Schatzkarte vom Singeland

Come with us to Singeland!

Singeland is far away from Earth. Very, very far. But with one click, you are already there, in the home of music, where all the Bakabu songs and Bakabu audio books can be streamed, for at home or when you are out and about. So, you always have your favourite songs and exciting adventures with you.

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Bakabu mit Taucherbrille


Here you can find all the song-CDs, books, and audiobooks. The songs from the Bakabu albums are not only the greatest earworms between Earth and Singeland, but also support all children with their linguistic development. And then, naturally, there are also the exciting adventures in Singeland with Bakabu, Charlie Gru, Mimi Lou and all the other friends from Hornhausen – in book form, or as exciting audio books, read by none other than Christian Tramitz!

Meine ersten Tiere

Pappbilderbuch ab 6 Monaten

Bakabu Malbuch mit Musik


Bakabu und die Herbstmusik


Bakabu und der Schatz der Piraten

Ferdinand Auhser, Manfred Schweng; Hörbuch, gelesen von Christian Tramitz

Of course there are a lot more stories, adventures and songs from Bakabu! You will find them all here:

All songs and adventures

Schatztruhe auf dem Meeresgrund


Who? Clay pigeon? Wacky frog? Old shell? Yes, you heard right!

Bakabu will take you on a tour of his village Hornhausen and introduce his dearest friends to you. And maybe a nasty, revolting, pig-eared character will turn up, who really cannot stand our earworm...


Bakabu on Tour

Bakabu, the earworm goes on a grand tour of kindergarten, schools, bookshops, and to all the events which people like singing at. Actors and actresses bring along a giant Kamishibai and the funny Bakabu stories, and our magician Joe Joe Juggles has a fantastic magic show hidden in his circus case. In addition, there are readings by the author Ferdinand Auhser and the actor Christian Tramitz.

Come right in!

Bakabu als Zauberer

Bakabu schreibt an die Tafel

Language promotion through music

Learning languages through music: A completely new language promotion method. The Bakabu songs have been developed together with linguistic and pedagogical experts. With this approach children learn German in a playful and fun way. The songs address topics from children’s everyday lives, thereby providing linguistic tools, topic-specific vocabulary, correct sentence construction, as well as fundamental grammatical structures.

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