Bakabu Ambassadors

The Bakabu Ambassadors


Heinz Faßmann

Minister of Education, Science and Research

The Bakabu songs are wonderful. They support all kindergarten and primary school children with the widening and enriching of their vocabulary. It is a great thing, and I congratulate you on it.

Erwin Steinhauer

Austrian actor and comedian

... an education in the arts is really essential. Music makes you more intelligent...

Barbara Karlich

Austrian talk show host, journalist, publicist

There are hardly any children who are not musical or do not have an affinity for music…

Serge Falck

Belgian-Austrian actor, scriptwriter and ambassador for integration

It is the same as an actor: When there’s music, you remember the text for much longer. It is a transporter. It is important that we agree on a common language -nothing against dialects!

Maria Yakovleva

Maria Yakovleva

Principal dancer of Vienna State Opera Ballet

As a dancer, I experience the power of music every day: The pull, which it exerts, and its tremendous expressiveness.

Cindy Rosar

Cindy Rosar, MSc

Speech therapist, Vienna, second district

The musical surroundings and stimulation of a preschool child not only have a positive effect on their phonological awareness (preparatory skills for the alphabetic phase and consequently for liter