The Bakabu Team

Meet Bakabu´s parents!

Ferdinand Auhser

ProjectLead, Author, Administration

writes up the stories, the things which simply happen where we live in Singeland. Where does he know about them from?

Manfred Schweng

Composer, Texts, Music-Production

composes, sings, and writes the words for all the Bakabu songs. And then, on top of that, he plays most of the instruments too.

Arthur Lauber

Idea, Mentor

is a composer and the one who had the idea of composing language promotion songs in the first place. Brilliant, don’t you think?

Cecile M. Lederer

Illustration, Design, Grafics, Photo, Video

draws the pictures in the Bakabu books. You think that is really a lot! True!

Annemarie Seither-Preisler

Scientific consultant

Music psychologist, lecturer at the Centre for Systematic Musicology, Graz. Doctorate in psychology, degree in biology (Mag.), both from the University of Graz

Barbara Rössl-Krötzl

Scientific coordination

Linguist. Degree in instrumental pedagogy and general linguistics

Elisabeth Yagci-Grobner

Pedagogical coordination

Sociologist, pratice and didactics teacher. Degree in sociology